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Mariokart fic RP images!

RP photos of Bowser and co. for my MarioKart fanfic on ff.net. Tell me whatcha think :D
Photo representations of the Mariokart fic characters! It's AU so I have them all as humans. 
UPDATE: I have reorganized the collages so that they appear larger inside the cut, but either way please click each one to see the full details! The collages especially are enormous since each piece is a normal sized internet shopping image! Updated some of the characters' wardrobes as well haha.

Our...hero? This Bartok Borowiec fellow is very cool. Almost exactly what I had been imagining.

Toadette! Courtney Vogler's shots here are exactly what I had in mind. Cute and badass.
Clothing collage! Lots of sweet lolita :3
Koopa!! I think Hiroshi Tamaki is cute. Not really my type but still cute. 
Collage! *Hipster senses tingling.*
Paratroopa! She plays a fun little part in this. Expect her to stay for the long run.

Toad. I wonder what his story is. Let's watch it unfold. He comes from a ton of money but his parents are always away on business. Not that he minds. 

Baby! One of my favorite characters hands down. His in-universe equivalent is Bowser Jr., the eighth koopa kid. anyways I fuckin love Shaun White. 

Daisy! I love Alyson Hannigan. I guess it's a bonus for any Buffy fans out there hehe. 

Luigi! He's already human just like Daisy and the others but I looked around anyways. In the fic he's 25, and in Bowser's gang not because he went to high school with the others but for different reasons. Daisy joined with him. He's pretty spacey.
Yoshi and Birdo. Probably my favorite couple of the fic. Honestly I just like looking at Gackt...and would kill for the stuff I gave Birdo haha. She might end up being one of the more likeable characters here by the time this is all over. I'm assuming Yoshi can play both guitar and bass.... 

Rosalina! Jessica Stam does kind of look like she's from outer space in these shots, doesn't she?
That's all for the moment. Finals are just around the corner but expect an update in a few weeks!