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T&Bfic music

Hey everyone! Still working on wrapping up Firefly but nobody start holding your breath yet lol.
Putting this music clip for future reference -- it's the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance remix of the track "Twister" from The World Ends with You (great games, please play both once KH3DS is out!!)
it definitely has the feel i'm looking for in this fic if it ever happens. love the brass of both the original song and this version. needs more brass everywhere allatime. haha.
hope everyone's having a good summer! if any of you are planning on visiting new orleans ever, drop me a line if you want restaurant/historical site recommendations! and music venues/bars if you're into that hehe


Figured I'd get this off my chest lest I explode from all of the THINGS in store :D
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Chapter Sixteen news!

Some more images for ya'll. This chapter covers the third race in the All-Cup, and the last before a brief time skip of no more than 4 or 5 days.

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Sorry, guys... ^^;;

So, my laptop has been destroyed. The one with all of my partially-written chapters (there were at least 10 in that category) and character files and, really, everything not already on this blog. I guess livejournal does function nicely as a backup in a pinch, but long story short it might be a while.
This also means I'm free to completely rewrite it as I find necessary. I guess it's no longer confined to that particular outline, so it should prove much more enjoyable (and, I daresay, meaningful?) this time around. In any case, apologies for future delays. Thanks so much to those of you who have born with me so far...ya'll are champs. <3 

In the meantime, enjoy some specifically-chosen RP-appropriate Bowser pics! They are about all I have right now... Q_Q;

Fan Appreciation Month!

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since the last update =_=; glad you guys are still enjoying it though.

That said, fan appreciation month is nigh! What would you guys like me to post up? My finals end about halfway through December so I'll actually be able to write more by then. I'm not too terrible of an artist if people want sketches or something of the sort.

While we're on the subject, wanted to give a shout-out to MessengerofDreams on fanfiction.net! He went out of his way to leave a nice full-bodied review on his own blog here and created two cool comic-cover type images for Firefly! Thanks so much!!

Sorry the bots refuse to release my poor inbox (how high a ransom do they WANT?!) but thank you everyone for your support and feel free to comment here if it looks like your message hasn't reached me yet!

Hope you guys have a good week. Off to study!!! ...
I need to find these people and hang out with them... :}

Sounds of Firefly

Hi everyone!
So far all of my fanfic posts have been about visuals, so this one's a little different. Listed below are clips that either help inspire me write the fic or that I feel would go well with the fic were it ever turned into a film or movie (or both! lol). Not going to name every instance the tracks play, but these tracks are just what I always have in my head while writing/researching. They've definitely influenced the mood or tone in one way or another.

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Will update this list as the need arises. Ch. 15 is up if you guys wanna check it out!

onicon 2011!

Hey ya'll! I'm going to be running around OniCon in Galveston tomorrow (today? Hehe) so if you happen to be attending and see a pink and black punkloli with a boombox bag and lightninglaveau badge, that's me! Stop by and say hi! Bowser will be peeking out from my bag ;) it's his first con~

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hey everyone!

Just wanted to remind everyone I'm not dead. School's been nuts (getting up at 5 for glassblowing and staying in class til 9pm twice a week hits pretty hard) but I HAVE been writing! Slow progress but progress nonetheless. Many apologies for the extreme inactivity here fanfiction-wise nonetheless.

That said, any questions or requests? Comment and I will happily answer! Everyone have a good week ok!


RP pics: Lakitu, Petey, and Luma

Hey everyone!
Busy planning part 2. It involves two spreadsheets and roughly six support documents but should pay off ^^; At least summer hasn't been a complete waste!
I've received requests for Lakitu and Petey pics, and I threw in some more Luma ones for fun. We're going to start seeing more of them as the second half of this fic progresses.  

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What character are you guys interested in seeing more of? Just curious ;)

 Hey everyone! Chapter 12 is up in case you don't have a story alert for Firefly. Tell me what you think!

Today's post is over Lady Bow von Brr, clothing collages for my favorite villains, and a tidbit on our outer space characters.
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See you next time! - LL